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Behind The Scenes of a Hollywood Make-up Artist

Hollywood Make-up Artists Guild Membership




Also known as the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. IATSE is limited to members who work on union projects. To obtain an initial union project you must have already demonstrated a level of expertise or have demonstrated excellence in the field in another approved way.

Make-up Artists are a vital  part of the filmmaking process, even if it’s not always obvious.

Even when we aren’t painting actors to look like aliens, make-up artist's help the director tell stories about characters and help the cinematographer make their vision a reality.


Union members must pay quarterly dues and take regular tests. We show commitment to all aspects of the make-up arts, from making people their most beautiful, to creating realistic injuries or even covering or duplicating a tattoo. Members pride themselves on maintaining the most current techniques and dealing with a wide variety projects..

To be an upstanding member of the IATSE Guild, a makeup artist must constantly show a level of expertise far beyond those of traditional make-up artists. We have experience with a wider array of products, and skin types and unique goals.

As a Permanent Make-up Artist, continuing education is part of what we do.  Having a passion for learning new techniques and finding the best tools and pigments to create the most natural look for our clients is part of who we are.  


My Mission

My mission as a Hollywood Make-up Artist as well as a Permanent Make-up Artist, is to bring my skills and experience to create a look absolutely unique to the needs of that particular client. No two people benefit from the same approaches. Everyone has their own style, color palette and goals. I am here to guide you to a level of beauty that reflects YOU.


My Vision

Having decades of experience as a Make-up Artist working on photo-shoots, music videos, commercials, TV  &  feature films.  I have developed a unique ability to see facial features, colors, and style that you may not even notice. My vision is to help you see your end product so that for that event, or for your day-to-day regime, and for you to  see yourself as the exact beauty you are!

Model Applying Lipstick
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