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Applying Eye Shadow

I have a light hand and a conservative approach in working with clients, "It's easier to add than to take away", especially when it comes to Semi-Permanent Makeup for your Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lip Enhancement. 


I offer consultations as an introduction for clients who are on the fence about trying something that will change their appearance and also that requires aftercare and maintenance.

Green Eyes and Makeup

What is Microblading & Shading?

Microblading and shading is unlike tattooing in that with microblading and shading we are only scratching the surface of the skin and using pigment which usually fades within 18 months.  It's not painful, we apply a topical anesthetic to the skin and re-apply during the process.

Microblading and Shading Eyebrows consultation

In Film & Television we use "tattoo makeup" originally to draw/paint tattoos on characters as well as to cover their existing tattoos that are not part of their on-camera character.  These products have staying power that won't transfer onto their wardrobe/costume, can withstand sweat, water, friction.  I offer a user-friendly version that is perfect for coloring eyebrows that looks natural, blends into the skin for that powder/shading effect.  The client can purchase the brow color(s) to try it on themselves to see what color they are comfortable with, experiment with the shape of their brows before committing to Microblading and/or Shading.


Consultation fee $75.00 

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