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Applying False Eyelashes

Inside the Make-up Trailer we most commonly use Ardell Strip False Eyelashes.

If we use individual eyelashes, we prefer to use the Ardell Knot-free Eyelashes.

Tools that you will need to apply your own false eyelashes:

  1. False Eyelashes strip or individual eyelashes.

  2. Adhesive; we would use the DUO latex adhesive dark tone, it also comes in white which dries clear. There is also the DUO quickset adhesive which comes in a lipgloss like tube.

  3. Tweezers; for pulling eyelashes from the tray and to applying to your lash line.

  4. Magnifying mirror: this will help you with placement.

  5. Q-tips to blot off excess glue.

Begin by removing the strip lashes by carefully using your tweezers at the end of the strip and slowly and gently pull the lashes off of the tray.

Next: if you are using the latex glue (toothpaste like tube) gently squeeze a small amount of adhesive onto a small hand mirror or a stainless steel palette, then gently drag the strip lashes being held with your tweezers through the adhesive and blot off any excess with a Q-tip or tissue.

Using your magnifying mirror and tweezers place the strip lashes onto the center of your lash line, then bring in the ends close to your lash line inside the eye and the outside. Blot any excess glue with a small Q-tip.

To help hide the strip and to give a little extra lift, I like to use the flat handle end of the tweezers to gently push down the eyelid skin to meet the lash line, the skin should gently stick to the glue and cover the strip and also give a nice gentle lift to the lashes.

You can apply mascara to blend your natural lashes to the strip lashes for a more blended or dramatic look.

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