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Before Microblading Eyebrows...

These little tubes of brow / hair color go on easily, quick-drying so they don't rub or smear. They are water and sweat resistant (can last up to 72 hours on the skin). They adhere to skin and hair, which is perfect for those with thinning or no brow hair.

I use these with microblading and shading clients to help determine the color, style and shape before committing to microblading and shading their eyebrows. I also encourage clients to try it out for themselves to experiment with the color and style of brows that they would like to achieve.

This product offers the most natural looking eyebrow make-up look and is very easy to apply, I do offer tutorials on how to apply them, because they dry so quickly and some people might be used to using a pencil or other tools. Having naturally light blonde eyebrows, I love using this product as it fills in and lasts unlike pencil or powder, adheres to brow hair, does not smudge. It doesn't come off until I remove my make-up each night with the MakeUp Eraser, it's great!

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