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When Your Actor Gets Sunburned?

One thing I've learned in my Hollywood Make-Up Career is that we are truly solution oriented Artists. Working on a television series where it takes at least 10 days to shoot one episode...the actors might not work everyday and there's the weekend where let's say they decided to go surfing and come into the Make-up trailer at the crack of dawn with a new sunburn that they got over the weekend. Well, when we started the episode they were very fair skinned and now they show-up with a bright red, splotchy sunburn all over their face, neck and arms. So, it's my job to not only do my best not to aggravate this newly sunburned skin but also to make them back to their naturally lighter skin tone that we started with just a few days prior.

You just have to think and move fast because everyone is waiting for the actors to go through hair, make-up, wardrobe and run-through's on-set! No pressure, LOL! So, I found a product that I will apply with a clean make-up brush to help the burn heal quickly that won't interfere with the several different shades of foundation (usually Make-Up Forever HD) that I will apply over the exposed skin to return my actor back to their normal skin tone.

It's a daily challenge of being fast on your feet, keeping calm and getting the job done.

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