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Puffy Eyes...

I've been asked several times a week now about

out how to help reduce eye puffiness. One of my clients told me that she just heard about using Preparation H (as if that was a new thing). Well, I chuckled and said yes, that is is definitely 'old school.' When I finally got into Hollywood as a Make-up Artist I found out this was true, my fellow Make-up Artists (especially the ones who had decades of experience) they said it worked, but they would hide the label on the tube because who wants to see Preparation H in someone's make-up kit and then alone putting this on the actors under eye. LOL!

So, the 'bottom' line is yes, it's an old school remedy that works to reduce puffiness under the delicate eye area. Just don't apply it too close to the lash line, keep it closer to the cheek area and you should be good to go.

Options for reducing eye puffiness:

1.apply ice cubes

2. splashing face with ice cold water

3. use back of a cold metal spoon (not frozen)

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