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Removing Make-up...

Erase all your makeup with just wanter
MakeUp Eraser

Well, this one really took me by surprise. I walked by dismissing this product numerous times just based on the name while shopping at Costco. One day while visiting a friend who has very sensitive skin as does her daughter, she told me about a washcloth removes all make-up with just water. Having her show me and talk about it got me interested, so my next trip to Costco I bought this little 7 Day Set and brought them home to try out for myself, first of all I loved the small and convenient size. So I ran one under warm water and proceeded to wipe my make-up off just like I had been using my disposable make-up wipes and seemed to work. Then after using the MakeUp Eraser I followed up with my make-up remover wipe and there was nothing there, ALL of my make-up on my face was gone. This was very exciting to me for a couple reasons. This meant that no more running out of disposable make-up wipes, less waste, no chemicals, and they feel nice on my skin.

Also, thinking about our actors (mostly the guys) that come into the make-up trailer at the end of their day heading to the towel warmer to get at least one or more warm, moist towels to wipe off their make-up which still didn't remove all of it. I thought Wow! If we had the full-size MakeUp Eraser towels in the towel warmer, then they would only have to use only one towel to remove ALL of their make-up, this would be awesome! Plus with all the Special FX make-up that is often times difficult to remove this could be really helpful in not only removing but also being more gentle on their skin.

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