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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

People often ask me what are my favorite shows to work on. What comes to mind is always any type of comedy.

Glee - My first day working on the show was the Britney Spears episode. What's not to love about that?

Up All Night - with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. This was a dream gig for sure, I mean come on now, this dynamic comedic duo and the cast, guest stars was a home-run for me. In-between scenes there was always music being played on stage (like a DJ was on-set with impeccable timing) and Maya often times spontaneously breaking into a little song, just because that's normal and Christina who doesn't miss a beat, always finds a way of shining her quick-witted comedic commentary on an unsuspecting prospect. When she heard my friend who was her Make-up Artist on the show call me Pat-Rice Motorhome Driver, that was it, I was a constant muse for these comedic icons.

The Talk - While working on Up All Night I then ended up also working on The Talk which was just a couple sounds stages away. It was fun never knowing who was going to come through the door. My first week I had Penny Marshall (who called me Pat-rice LOL!), Lionel Richie what a nice guy, and touching up his make-up while he's quietly singing right before going on stage, yes, my knees were melting but I am always able to keep my cool. Speaking of cool, LL Cool J was another one of my favorites. He's cool, funny, professional, dry sense of humor, just loved that guy.

Gladys Knight was another one when I was touching up her make-up on set, would be quietly singing something. She was so lovely and gracious...I'll never forget when she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

Pushing Daises - This show had such a clever storyline, fantastic sets, amazing costumes, and the hair and make-up team was nothing short of amazing talent, I was so blessed to be a part of it.

I'll never forget one late night on stage and I heard an amazing voice singing like a bird (almost singing quietly to herself) I was like where is that coming from? It was non-other than Kristin Chenoweth waiting behind the scenes. I was thinking wow, that's the most beautiful voice I've ever heard and that was just her quietly singing to herself.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - This was flying by the seat of your pants, very dry sense of humor themed set/show. The actors seemed to be quick-change artists, as there was a whole lot of improv is this seemingly scripted show. I would be on-set covering a scene then a 'new character' would arrive on-set and his character was not listed on the call sheet. Well, I quickly discovered he was an actor that just came back from the make-up trailer where they applied a mustache, changed his hair and wardrobe changed to a police uniform. This is challenging for a make-up artist as each actor has their own labeled make-up bag with their real name and their character name so that there make-up can be touched-up on-set.

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