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Weighing In On False Lashes

When it comes to false lashes, here are a few things to consider:

Adhesive lashes - false lashes with liquid, latex adhesives.

  • lightweight

  • re-usable and disposable daily

  • Once they are on, you want to leave them on.

  • Can have a tendency to lift if they get wet or the glue is not holding up

  • various adhesives can take some trial and error depending on skill, skin allergies.

  • The glue adheres to the base of your lashes and skin. This does not damage or make your natural lashes fall off.

  • Price point is low to moderate

(I personally wear the Kiss Eyelashes #09 and the liquid Duo adhesive, which is clear or I use the Duo Latex adhesive, dark tone).

*Tools: I use a small magnifying mirror, tweezers and Q-tips to blot off excess adhesive.

Magnetic Lashes - false lashes with magnets and magnetic adhesives.

  • Depending on the brand has an impact on how lightweight they are. Typically the more expensive, the lighter the weight. You can compare by seeing the size of the magnets on the lash strips, the more obvious the magnets the heavier they will be.

  • Re-usable

  • Easy to take on and off throughout the day because the adhesive does not budge.

  • Price point is going to be moderate to high

I recently tried the Ardell magnetic lashes with the gel liner. It came with a tiny slanted brush which made applying the gel liner adhesive really easy to apply, I was able to apply the magnetic lashes with my fingers instead of having to use tweezers for proper placement. They stayed in place, but after a few hours of wearing them my eyelids were really heavy and tired. So, in a pinch and if you just wanted lashes that are easy to apply, look great and only wanted to wear them out to dinner these would be a great option.

*Tools: Small magnifying mirror

Popular Magnetic Brands:

  • I've had friends try the Moxie Magnetic Lashes and here's some tips:\. The liquid liner has to dry completely otherwise is smears. Once it's dry you are good to go.

  • I worked with a Cirque De Soleil performer who swore by Glamnetic Lashes: . She wore them when I worked with her and I found them to look amazing! They blended in so well, just like the lashes that I would apply with a thin adhesive, I could not see the magnets.

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