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Working on Grey's Anatomy

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

I love it when I get to put my hurt on the actors....

Thi is hanging inside one of our sound stages for Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy Sound Stage
Waiting on set of Grey's Anatomy ER scene
Put my hurt on an actor for ER Scene on Grey's Anatomy

I always enjoy it when we have scenes in the Emergency Room and we get to put our hurt on the actors. As Make-Up Artists we do everything from straight, beauty makeup-up but a variety of characters, injuries, prosthetics. When it comes to working on Grey's Anatomy we also work under the guidance of a Medical Advisor who makes sure that the injuries look as real as possible. Then when they are satisfied there's a lot of sitting around and waiting as you can see from my actor waiting on the hospital gurney on our Emergency Room set. He can't move because everything is in place for his scene.

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