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Make-up Lessons

& Make-up Bag Make-over 


Get organized

Like a pro

Learn how to clean-up and organize your make-up like a Professional Make-up Artist.  

Just like you would hire a Professional to clean out and organize your wardrobe closet..


Woman Getting Ready



Decide what make-up to keep, discard and what to add for home, travel and just on the go!

Don't put old expired makeup-up on your eyes, skin and lips. Out with the old and in with the new is best.

I'll help you find just the right products that are beneficial to you.

In-Store Shopping starting  

$150.00 hourly

Cosmetic Products
Makeup Store

Basic Tools

Keeping them Clean

Having the right set of make-up brushes are basic tools for applying make-up and keeping them clean is very important.  

We use 99% alcohol and/or professional make-up brush cleaner to clean and sanitize our make-up brushes.

Woman Getting Ready

Ready for Action

Creating Your Look

Now that your make-up is clean, organized with all the right tools, you can enjoy getting ready.

I offer make-up lessons to help you achieve the look that fits you and your lifestyle and events.

Rates: my location $75 hourly

House-calls $150 hourly

Woman Getting Ready
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